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Nous sommes une entreprise à échelle humaine, spécialisée dans l'implantation d'industries Européennes en Inde.
Les petites et moyennes entreprises, comme les business de famille, ont une grosse fléxibilité, c'est donc important de réussir sur le marché de l'économie !
La taille du marché et le potentiel de croissance de l'Inde sont attrayants grâce à la classe moyenne montante.
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Abraham THOMAS



Chef de projet





Ils nous font confiance

“Abraham is end-result oriented and will help you to achieve your goals. He knows particularly well the Indian culture, difference by states as well as the French culture. He will definitely be the right business partner to help people from both sides to work together. He is a grounded person, very humble and a good communicator. You can be confident in him.”
— Michel ABALLEA, CEO chez Decathlon

“As many, I had previously in mind to export to India because of its huge potential. But how to handle this into action, where to start, who to contact, regulation?... were the keys of unaction. INDIA DIRECT brings me a clear view of the portential I could get and helps me to build the strategy to start prospection. Abraham has of course the knowledge of the country but also the method to build a prospection plan.”
— Guy DUBRULLE, CEO chez Synairgies

“Thanks to Abraham and his training, i took up my post in Bangalore with the right keys to understanding India and the business rules. I’m quite confident in him to explain how this country works, with a human and entrepreneurial point of view.”
— Fabien WATRELOT, South West Asia Director chez Embisphere