We assure your communication in order to rise the notoriety of your company

Project Management

We launch your projects abroad and follow them up

Accounting and operational services

We accompany you in your administrative procedures and can carry out your accounting

Market test

We perform implementation tests of your products / services within the local market to evaluate the feasibility of your project

Umbrella compagny

We hire on-site technical sales staff who carry out missions for you in a detached way (foreign representation of your company, sales, etc.


We help you manage the physical flows, and the data (informative, customs and financial) relating to them, in order to make available the resources corresponding to your needs

Subsidiary creation

We take care of all the administrative steps for the creation of your subsidiary

Office space and relocation services

We accompany you in the VISA procedure for expatriates and their families


We organize trainings on topics such as "Starting and maintaining activities in Europe at the lowest price", "Discovering the market", "How to successfully adapt to the local market in a professional and personal way", ect

Business entry strategy

We define with you the best strategy to implement your business in the foreign market

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