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India being the land of diverse economy which encompases agriculture, modern industries and services.
One of the largest country and populous democracy. The country capitalized on its large educated english speaking population, became a major exporter of information technology services, business outsourcing and software services.

India strengths / Why invest in India ?

Foreign Direct Invest inflows hit an all time high of $60.1 billions in 2016-17,

In the last year, Government has eased 87 FDI rules across 21 sectors to accelerate economic growth and boost jobs.

Reforms - In india this include foreign direct investment, the land acquisition bill, the coal & power sector, direct transfer subsidies, streamlines tax regimes.
The Bombay stock exchange’s sensex index is up 19.15% in Rupees since the new Prime Minister took over. It rose to 8.9% in all of 2013.
Fastest GDP Growth - India GDP growth rate is expected to 9%-10% per annum for each of the 10 years.
Demographics - India is one of the youngest countries in the world, with the average age of 25 with strong work ethics, high level of education, practise of the English language and entrepreneurial culture.
High Savings - With the savings rate of 37% of GDP, India domestic savings fuel to most of its investment requirement.
Domestic Economy - Every sector within India’s consumer market is booming, making India far less vulnerable to external shocks and pressure than other emerging markets.
Robust Financial sector -India has a robust, diversified and well regulated financial system which has allowed it to overcome the global financial crisis any without major difficulties. It is very strong and transparent. India’s banking sector is strong with top quality balance sheet, high level of competition(there are around 80 banks in India)and strong corporate governance.
Quality of investments Markets - The Bombay stock Exchange is the 2nd oldest in the world (165 years) and offers investors a low cost, highly efficient modern and well governed investment.


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